R&D Nester was present in the Power Systems Computation Conference (PSCC) in June.

The Power Systems Computation Conference (PSCC) is the most important conference in power systems community addressing all aspects concerning the use of computers in the power system area. The first PSCC took place in London in 1963.

The quality of the presented papers is outstanding, as a result of an extensive review/acceptance process. This edition of the PSCC has received more than 600 papers and only the 222 best papers were accepted for presentation.

The PSCC 2016 is technically co-sponsored by IEEE and all accepted and orally presented papers will be submitted to IEEE Xplore digital library

PSCC addresses theoretical developments and computational aspects with respect to power systems applications. The Conference gives to the international forum of researchers and power system engineers a great opportunity to exchange knowledge and experiences on the latest developments in the field. Both theoretical developments as well as practical applications in the utility and manufacturing industries are addressed.

Most of the relevant discussed topics concerned computational aspect of uncertainty in power system studies, namely system state, asset's reliability, weather, human behavior, regulatory amid others.

It was plain from the conference discussions that the several projects ongoing in R&D NESTER are align with the most relevant developments by other reference research centers in Europe and North America. Namely the use of computational clusters for simulation of large networks, the use of weather forecast in day-ahead network operation, probabilistic methods in power systems and co-simulation of ICT and power systems.

R&D NESTER is becoming known, by researchers and academics, as one of European research centers, and was represented by André dos Santos, researcher of the project "Substation of the Future".

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