"Renewable Integration Tools" Project aims to continue the research and maintenance of the solar forecast developed in the initial Project "Renewable Energy Dispatch Tools". The goal is to improve the capabilities of the solar forecast using more sky cameras and to implement space and time correlation algorithms.

The economic aspect of the integration of renewable energy sources in the electricity grid is also a central objective of this "Renewable Integration Tools" Project. A market simulation tool will be developed to assess the economic impact of the integration of renewable energy sources in the various aspects of the electricity markets. With the end of the feed-in tariffs, in addition to the revenue from the sale of energy in the wholesale market, the possible revenues obtained in the participation of the system service market will be quantified.

Using the knowledge acquired during the course of the initial "Renewable Energy Dispatch Tools" Project, a methodology on the thermal capacity of airlines (Dynamic Ratings) will be implemented. Also, the study of inertia in a system with a large penetration of renewable energy sources will be done using the PMU - Phasor Measurement Unit.

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