On November 18th, several representatives of China Electric Power Research Institute (CEPRI) visited the R&D Nester Center in Sacavém for a meeting. The delegation led by Vice-President of CEPRI, Liangzhong Yao, included representatives of the departments of renewable resources and energy and Automation Systems of that Institute.

The purpose of the visit, clarified the delegated administrator of the R&D Nester, Nuno Souza e Silva, was " to discuss with the CEPRI, the situation of the work on the projects 1 and 3".

On Project 1- renewable energy Dispatching, led by Rui Pestana with Luis Rosa and Mr. Zheng Wang as project researchers, the group addressed all the tasks and results, as well as discussed the number of people needed to be allocated to this project related to Renewable Energy Management tools.

As for project 3, an agreement on the Statement of Work for the project "Multi-attribute Energy Storage Planning" was reached. This project has been identified by REN and CEPRI as one of the Seed Projects within R&D Nester. In view of that, the Project Leader Miguel Moreira da Silva and Co-leader Ms. Jilei Ye have been working in the last months on the objectives, methodology, deliverables and resource planning of this Energy Storage project. Energy Storage is seen as a possible strategy to cope with larger variability and intermittency of supply, as well as network congestion and power flow inversion.

This meeting has delivered "robust decisions on the projects, including resources allocation and budget, which will ensure the accomplishment of milestones and goals in a near future", concluded Nuno Souza e Silva.

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