Kick-off meeting of the ReSuCI project


The Kick-off meeting of the ReSuCi project took place on November 9, 2018. Project ReSuCI - space-based services to support Resilient and Sustainable Critical Infrastructure is a collaborative effort supported by ESA - European Space Agency, engaging the GMV and the R&D Nester, as technical partners, as well as REN as stakeholder.

ReSuCI delves with the technic-economic analysis of using satellite information to develop three decision-support services to (i) monitor right-of-way for obstacles and activity detection, (ii) manage and control field management operations and (iii) assess landslide risk. The project duration is nine months.

The kick-off meeting established the ground zero of the project activities, but the close cooperation between the consortium and stakeholders proceeds since the proposal phase.

Following the Kick-off meeting with ESA, R&D Nester organized the first stakeholders meeting with REN on November 27, 2018. This working session delved with the definition and requirement analysis of space-based decision support service for right-of-way monitoring. 

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