NESTER meetings with Portuguese public entities


NESTER team has undertaken several meetings with public entities involved within innovation and scientific area. The purposes with such meetings are related with collecting additional information regarding European and national funding.

Additional issues have also been part of discussions, namely in which concerns certification proceedings applicable to NESTER activity.

The meetings have been held with FCT - Foundation for Science and Technology, FAI - Innovation Support Fund, AdI - Innovation Agency and also with Innovation and Energy secretary of state cabinets.

Given the fact that the new European Support and Funding Program (2014-2020) process is now on its final stage of preparation, those meetings were also important in order to get a clear overview in which regards NESTER suitability for future applying process. Finally, those meetings purposes were also important for an institutional presentation of NESTER towards such public entities. NESTER was represented by Nuno Souza e Silva (executive board member), Miguel Moreira da Silva, Tiago Andrade e Sousa and Isabel Alvite.

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