Prot.MPLS project ‘Open day’


The Prot.MPLS project, developed under the scope of a partnership between REN and R&D Nester, aimed to assess the possibility of using REN's IP/MPLS communication network for line protection and teleprotection functions.

In this project, the SDH (synchronous digital hierarchy) network, the solution used today for this purpose, was used as baseline to measure the results obtained with the IP/MPLS network, by means of a comparison between these two scenarios. The project had a multidisciplinary team with elements from the Operation and Maintenance Division (ELEX), the IT Projects Management Division (PRGP) and R&D Nester.

The need for this study was because the SDH technology is becoming obsolete, with manufacturers focusing their efforts on IP-based networks.
However, the latter type of network has no deterministic character, that is, the transmission time of the information is not known in advance, fact that could jeopardize the correct functioning of the mentioned protection functions.
However, the results of the tests, performed at the R&D Nester laboratory and using REN's communications infrastructure, proved that REN could, migrate in the future, the services related to the protection functions from the SDH to the IP/MPLS network, without any limitations.

To divulge this project, including the main conclusions reached by the team, a session, called 'Open day', was held at the R&D Nester laboratory, led by João Caseiro, meant for at colleagues who, being functionally close to this topic, had no still knowledge of the developed work.

In addition to the project team, members of the mentioned Divisions were present, having also the opportunity of attending to some of the tests performed during the project.
For more information about the project, please contact João Caseiro, from PRGP, or Ricardo Cartaxo from R&D Nester.

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