R&D Nester – Invitation for BigDataOcean Workshop, June 5th 09:30h, Sacavém


R&D Nester (Centro de investigação em Energia REN-SGCC) will host on the 5th of June, at 09:30h in REN - Sacavém, a Workshop to demonstrate the results obtained in the European project BigDataOcean. 

This project, integrated in the European Programme for research, development and innovation "Horizon 2020" (H2020),  has been developed since January 2017, through an multidisciplinary European consortium and with the contribution of ENONDAS. The consortium has partners from Greece, United Kingdom, Germany, Italy and Portugal, in addition to R&D Nester.

In this workshop, the big data platform developed in the project will be presented. The platform was developed mainly by three of the consortium partners:  National Technical University of Athens, Ubitech (software house), University of Bonn. Currently, the platform has stored around 150 Tb of data related with different maritime domains including: oceanographic / weather-related data (e.g. wave, wind, biology), IAS data (georeferenced and vessel navigation data), vessel operational data, and other georeferenced data (e.g. protected areas, location and characteristics of ports, among other). It is expected that the quantity and variety of data continues to raise now that the platform is publicly available to all users.

Additionally, together with the services currently existing in the platform, future possible developments in multiple sectors related to the maritime domain and offshore renewable energies will also be presented.

The presentation will also be focused in the wave power assessment pilot, which has been the main activity developed by R&D Nester in the project, with the collaboration of ENONDAS. This service has two main goals: the evaluation of wave energy potential, in locations or areas selected by the user and the evaluation of the potential for conversion into electric power considering wave energy converters. The services are created by correlating data with wave characteristics from multiple sources (numerical models, buoys, satellite) and allow platform users a significate time reduction while performing these studies, assuring the quality of obtained results.

The workshop will showcase the platform, where existing datasets and its potential will be shortly described, and the four aforementioned services, with a higher detail in the service related to the assessment of wave energy potential.

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