R&D Nester on Linkedin


R & D Nester will have a page on LinkedIn, the largest professional network of contacts in the world with over 300 million users. The linkedin page is a new communication channel for the R & D Nester universe, joining the existing website.

The goal is to have a more active relationship with key stakeholders, with the ability to share relevant content. The main company news, studies on the energy market, and recruitment and industry news will be shared in this business network.

Created in late 2002, Linkedin is more than a social network, it is a true center for the promotion, dissemination and professional development. A meeting point for professionals from various fields and levels.

The launch took place in May 2003 and quickly surpassed MySpace, also created in 2003, and took over as one of most popular social networks in the world. Among the countries that use Linkedin, United States, with 84 million users, India, with 21 million, and Brazil, with 15 million are on top

Visit the R & D Nester on Linkedin and add it to your contacts.

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