R&D Nester and Martifer Solar sign agreement


R&D Nester and Martifer Solar have signed a partnership agreement that will allow collaboration in joint projects and initiatives in optimization and sharing of know-how in the field of solar energy.

The partnership aims the development of knowledge to forecast production of solar energy systems, research, testing and implementation of operation optimization solutions for photovoltaic plants. Also, develop solutions applicable to the planning of energy transportation networks integrated in development and construction of solar power plants projects, participation in conferences and workshops as well as the preparation of joint articles and papers on operating practices and maintenance of solar power plants with benefit to optimize the integration of solar production in electrical power transmission. Martifer Solar and R&D Nester, will from now on share information and experience in the areas of renewable energies, energy efficiency and energy networks, which represents for Nuno Sousa e Silva "an opportunity for both companies to provide services in markets where any of them currently operates". Martifer Solar has built a global reputation by deploying outstanding price-performance ratio solar plants that exceed customer expectations, transforming solar energy into green assets by maximizing value and mitigating risks. Their recognized capability across the entire value chain enables them to manage all phases of the solar development cycle, from market and site identification to the grid connection and subsequent plant operation. Martifer Solar is a Portuguese-based company with presence in more than 20 countries over 4 continents and has implemented 560 MW of solar energy all over the world.

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