We are pleased to inform that R&D Nester and REN won an H2020 project, submitted to the Call ES-6 related to "Research on Advanced Tools and technological development", in particular to the topic "Advanced tools for the design and planning and operation of electricity grid infrastructure including distribution and transmission level (...)".

In this new project, R&D Nester and REN are part of a consortium with 11 other partners from multiple European countries including Italy, Serbia, Slovenia, Belgium, Norway, Spain and Germany. The project team includes several research and development institutes and grid operators (3 TSO and 1 DSO).

The project is entitled "FlexPlan" and aims at "creating a new tool for optimizing transmission and distribution grid planning, considering the placement of flexibility elements as an alternative to traditional grid planning", while "taking into account environmental impact and carbon footprint". R&D Nester participates in all (8) Work Packages and will be responsible for one of them, namely WP5 - "Regional Cases and assessment of advantages", where the planning tool will be tested using six different regional cases in Europe. Additionally, R&D Nester also has a strong contribution to WP4 - "Pan-European scenarios at target years", being the partner responsible for collecting and harmonizing data necessary to the creation of Pan-European and regional scenarios in three time horizons: 2030, 2040 and 2050. REN has a contribution to the identification of data sources and data collection, and a focus on the development of one of the six regional cases focused in the Iberian Peninsula, besides contributing partially to other work packages.

The project started in October 2019, extend until September 2022 (36 months), and is financed by H2020 under the Grant Agreement 863819.

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