R&D Nester as regular member of CIGRÉ


Nuno Souza e Silva, from R&D Nester, was elected and nominated as Regular Member to the CIGRÉ (Conseil International des Grands Réseaux Électriques) C5 Study Committee that addresses "Electricity Markets and Regulation", for the period 2016-2018, in representation of the Portuguese CIGRÉ National Committee. The nomination followed the recommendation from the Portuguese National Committee at the end of last year.

The Study Committee (SC) C5 scope is to analyze market approaches and solutions and their impact on the electric industry in support of regulators, traders, technology innovators and Independent Power producers as well as the traditional economists, planners and operators within the industry. The scope areas include:

  • Consequences of regulatory changes for the electric power sector
  • Regulatory incentives for investment
  • System implications of new generation technologies
  • Markets design's impact on transmission system operation
  • Market design for integration of intermittent generation.

The current SC C5 Working Groups (WGs) are:

  • C5-16 - Costs of Electric Service, Cost Allocation Methods, and Residential Rate Trends
  • C5-17 - Capacity markets: needs, solutions and state of affairs
  • C5-18 - Market price signals and regulated frameworks for regional coordination of grid investments.
  • C5-19 - Regulatory aspects of Demand Response and Demand Side Management for integration within Electricity Markets
  • JWG C2 / C5-5 - Development and Changes in the Business of System Operators
  • SC C5 Strategic Advisory Group
  • WG C5-10 - Regulatory incentives for capital investments in electricity systems
  • WG C5-11 - Market Design for Large Scale Integration of Renewable Energy Sources and Demand-side Management
  • WG C5-12 - Market Power Mitigation
  • WG C5-13 - Interaction of Markets and Regulation Actions with Emerging Technologies
  • WG C5-14 - Regulatory Incentives for Innovation in Electricity Networks
  • WG C5-15 - Risk Management in Evolving Regulatory Frameworks
  • WG C5-9 - Retail Market Design - Customer Switching, Metering and Load Profiles.

The convener of SC C5 is currently Andy Ott, the President and CEO of PJM Interconnection.

Nuno Souza e Silva is currently the Managing Director of R&D Nester, was Country Manager of KEMA (now DNV-GL Energy) and his education includes the Florence School of Regulation "Regulation of Power Systems".

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