R&D Nester participated in the international conference organized by the Canadian company OPAL-RT in June.

R&D Nester was represented by Nuno Souza e Silva together with Bruno Soares and Nuno Amaro, researchers of the projects "Substation of the Future" and "Power system simulation". Nuno Souza e Silva gave a keynote speech where the different investigation projects ongoing on R&D Nester that use the real time simulator acquired from OPAL-RT were presented.

In this conference, besides the presentation of new hardware and software solutions from the Canadian manufacturer, it was possible to assist to presentations from the different users of OPAL-RT solutions present in the event. The conference was centered in Energy, and in addition to the keynote speech of R&D Nester, it was possible to assist to several presentations of different European institutions, both from the industry and research and development. Between the different OPAL-RT users present in the conference, it is possible to highlight as examples companies like ABB, RTE, CERN, different research centres like Fraunhofer IWES and SINTEF, in addition to several universities such as the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) or the Austrian Institute of Technology (AIT).

R&D Nester's participation on this event allowed to verify that several companies use the solutions provided by OPAL-RT to simulate their newly released products/solutions in a "close-to-real environment" before the deployment in power systems, aligned with R&D Nester strategy..

To notice, the interest in the co-simulation capabilities of R&D Nester's laboratory, which allows addressing simultaneously the electric component and the (tele)communications component of the power systems.

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