R&D NESTER comes closer to IST


R&D Nester researcher Ricardo Cartaxo was invited, last December, by the Instituto Superior Técnico to give a lecture on the IEC 61850 communication standard, under the scope of the subject of Power Systems Protection and Automation, taught in the Electrotechnical and Computer Engineering course.

For about an hour and a half, Ricardo Cartaxo mentioned the motivations for the development of this standard (the main one being the interoperability between devices from different manufacturers) and its main characteristics, emphasizing that it is constantly evolving.

IEC 61850 is widely used in the protection and automation systems of distribution and transmission electrical substations.

The following day, the students visited the R&D Nester laboratory, where they learned about some projects developed there, related to the matters taught in the aforementioned course subject.

In addition, researcher Nuno Amaro presented a simulation in the RTPSS (real time power system simulator), related to the project 'ProtMPLS', which aims to verify the suitability of IP-MPLS communication networks as a support for the operation of line differential protections.

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