R&D Nester continues to contribute to the development of solutions related to wave energy through BigDataOcean project


R&D Nester participated in one of the last consortium meetings of the European project BigDataOcean, which is funded by 2020. With the project ending in June 2019, this meeting had as main purposes the final definition of the project exploitation strategy and the final definition of the services to be offered by the platform developed in the project, which aims at being one of the world largest maritime data repository. Currently hosting around 150 TB of data, the platform already allows the execution of multiple big data related algorithms to extract value from the hosted datasets, such as data filtering, processing and clustering, and multiple data visualization tools.

Currently the project team is preparing to launch a pre-final version of the multiple services associated to the four pilots included in the project. One of these pilots is related to the assessment of weave energy potential, work leaded by R&D Nester. This release will happen during March, when all platform services will have available beta versions, to be tested by platform users.

In a work that since the beginning of BigDataOcean has been developed with the cooperation of ENONDAS, R&D Nester will allow platform users to verify the potential of waves as energy resource in multiple locations in Europe, and to verify the suitability of different wave energy converters to the selected locations. This service aims to reduce the currently required time to perform these studies, thus contributing to the development of this technology, which despite the fact that it is still in a premature stage of development, has the potential to become one of the most important energy sources in a medium term scenario.

All details of BigDataOcean can be accessed at and more details about the platform, available data and services, and requests to have access can be obtained by emailing

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