"Dispatching of Renewable Energy: optimization of the integration of renewable energy into the electric network" was the theme of the most recent session of the "Debates ao fim de tarde (afternoon Debates)" conferences, an initiative of the Portuguese Energy Association (APE).

Nuno Souza e Silva and Rui Pestana, respectively General Manager and Project Leader of R&D Nester, were the speakers in this debate that, according to Nuno Souza e Silva, "reinforces R&D Nester's position as an important player in the national energy field".

The theme under debate at this session is according to R&D Nester recurrent and continues to attract many specialists. The fact that Portugal is a singular case where the need to contain wind production didn't exist despite the fact it is in the 2nd place of the European and the world rankings is also worth mentioning. As for Solar energy, the energy industry has also been paying attention to this type of energy due to the growth of expectations fueled by the lower costs of unit investment. The concerns are related to the current incapacity of varying renewable energies to contribute to the system services.

On this matter, Nuno Souza e Silva argues that "R&D Nester has developed work dedicated to the dispatch of renewable energies which will in 2016 approach wind and solar energies capabilities in what electric network parameters controlling is concerned, such as frequency and voltage", adding that R&D Nester's will carry on "contributing to the safe and sustainable development of the national energy system for the benefit of consumers".

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