R&D Nester in roundtable at the Green Project Awards (GPA) Conference "Science and Technology for a Sustainable Future"


The III Green Project Awards (GPA) conference, entitled "Science and Technology for a Sustainable Future", took place on July 12th in Lisbon, had the participation of R&D Nester .

The Green Project Awards (GPA) is a landmark initiative in the area of environment and sustainability in Portugal that aims to promote debate on the innovation theme by investing in areas such as Science & Technology, highlighting the opportunities, challenges but also the best existing cases , looking simultaneously to contribute to the breaking down of barriers and the creation of new and strengthened synergies.

This conference program included two panels of speakers from Science and Technology areas, which included researchers and business leaders, representatives of public and private organizations, with emphasis on Paulo Ferrão, President for the Science and Technology Foundation and also Nuno Souza e Silva representing R&D Nester. There were two panels discussed: Panel I: "Science and technology in new economies creation and knowledge society" and Panel II: "Science and Technology: Development engines for a sustainable future".

The debate theme of these two panels was focused on the investment evolution in R&D areas in Portugal and ownership of innovation in several sectors of portuguese society and economy, highlighting opportunities, challenges and presenting successful cases.

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