R&D Nester in the 2019 Global Energy Interconnection (GEI) Conference


The 2019 GEI Conference was held in Beijing in the beginning of November, under the topic "A Path toward Green, Low-carbon and Sustainable Development", with more than 1000 guests from over 79 countries, and presence and messages from several international Ministers and high officials.

R&D Nester was also present, and Nuno Souza e Silva, Managing Director, moderated the panel discussion of the first session during the first day devoted to "Clean Energy and Green, Low-carbon Development".

In essence, the GEI can be considered as "Smart Grid + UHV Grid + Clean Energy", and aims at being a platform on which clean energy can be developed, transmitted and consumed at a massive scale worldwide.

In terms of implementation, the GEI concept defends "Two Replacements" (‘clean replacement' of generation sources; ‘electricity replacement' on consumption formats), "One Increase" (of electrification) and "One Restore" (of fossil fuels back to an industrial raw material).

During the event, two new studies on Africa interconnection were released, including the "Report on Developing African Energy Interconnection to promote Co-development of Electricity, Mining, Metallurgy, Manufacturing and Trade". The study addresses a 30 years development plan where interconnections plays a key role in the process.

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