The real time simulation laboratory for power systems and communication networks of R&D Nester has been incorporated in DERlab repository which includes some of the most relevant smart grid research infrastructures in Europe. DERlab is an association that dedicates its activity to promote testing and consulting services to support the transition towards more decentralized power systems.

Besides R&D Nester laboratory, the DERlab database contains information related to +50 other smart grid research laboratories belonging to different European and American institutions, including utilities, technology providers, research centers and universities.

In operation since 2016, the R&D Nester laboratory includes cutting edge technology that not only allows the simulation of power systems' behavior, but also the testing of critical equipment essential for an adequate functioning of the power system. In addition, the laboratory permits to study the impact of the proliferation of communication networks into power systems, a very important topic at a time when the digitization of the energy sector is becoming further relevant.

Additional information about the real time simulation laboratory of R&D Nester is available at:

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