R&D Nester marks its first year of life


This month the energy research centre, R&D Nester, celebrates its first birthday. A very positive year in which all its goals were achieved.

For Nuno de Souza e Silva, "this first year of R&D Nester's existence has been extremely positive and rewarding". According to Nester's General Manager and CEO, "the team achieved all the goals that had been set, including the creation of the brand, the setting out of the first business plan, the definition and establishment of the first projects and the allocation of human resources for a wide range of activities, both national and foreign". Here the General Manager notes the huge challenges faced, "it was the creation of a body from scratch in every aspect: administrative, operational and financial, among others", and which counted on the support provided by REN and all of its teams, as well as support from China Electric Power Research Institute (CEPRI) and the elements that began this process even before the creation of R&D Nester.

Hong Shen, the Deputy General Manager of R&D Nester, also recognises the commitment of the whole Nester team and the support from REN and CEPRI. "With the support of the entire team, and with that of REN and CEPRI, Nester overcame the difficulties it faced during the initial phase and developed its work along defined lines". He continued, "CEPRI is very satisfied with the ambition for prosperity and growth", of R&D Nester.

One year on and Nuno de Souza e Silva highlights several of the results achieved that were in line with the plan, including the promotion of some events, of which the Substation of the Future workshop is the most recent example, the recognition of R&D Nester as a Research and Development entity by public bodies, the celebration of partnership agreements with national and international organisations and the participation in national and international competitions, in addition to the technical work it has developed.

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