R&D Nester organizes a meeting in the scope of the European project BigDataOcean


R&D Nester was responsible for the organization of a plenary meeting of the BigDataOcean project, from which is a member of the consortium.

The meeting took place in Sacavém, on the 20th and 21st of September and all consortium partners of this H2020 project were represented. The meeting had the main objective of checking the current state of all project activities and defining the strategy for the tasks to be performed in the upcoming months by all partners.

The main activity going on in the project is related to the optimization of the Big Data platform, which is already functional and is currently being tested by the consortium and external partners that showed interest in following the project activities. This platform will be released to the general public till the end of the year and will already include services related to the assessment of the potential of wave energy, implemented by R&D Nester with the collaboration from different consortium partners and also partners external to the consortium but with a great importance in order to improve the quality of offered services, such as ENONDAS.

With the participation in this project, R&D Nester continues to develop skills and know-how related to data processing and related techniques and algorithms, which brings added value and refers to a growing need considering the current context of power systems.

All project information can be accessed at the website:

Additionally, any person interested can already have access to the platform to test and see existing services. Just need to ask more details at

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