R&D Nester partakes in the ISSWINDemo project


R&D Nester takes part in the ISSWINDemo project. The goal is to demonstrate the added value of applying remote sensing and global navigation satellite system to the supporting services for wind power industry. The project gained the support from the European Space Agency and joins the R&D Nester and the GMVIS SKYSOFT, from Portugal, the GMV Innovating Solutions from Poland, and the HERMESS and ECN, from The Netherlands.

The ISSWINDemo contains 7 pilot projects exploiting the integrated assimilation of space data from the Earth's remote sensing and the global navigation satellite system to build wind resource maps, wind and wave hindcast databases, as well as weather, ocean and wind power forecasting.

The R&D Nester contribution to the ISSWINDemo is to provide services' drivers in line with the requirements from the stakeholders, namely onshore/offshore wind park developers, financing organizations, construction and maintenance companies, wind park operators and grid operators (TSO / ISO)

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