R&D NESTER participates in meeting of the European project FLEXITRANSTORE (An Integrated Platform for Increased FLEXIbility in smart TRANSmission grids with STORage Entities and large penetration of Renewable Energy Sources)


On last August 27th, R&D NESTER participated in a two-day meeting from the FLEXITRANSTORE ( European project, which took place in parallel with the International Symposium on High Voltage Engineering - ISH 2019 Conference (

The conference organized a special session dedicated to the FLEXITRANSTORE project, in which several articles prepared within the scope of the project's work were presented aimed at the dissemination of the results obtained so far within the scientific and industrial community present at the conference.
R&D NESTER participated in the elaboration of 3 articles that were presented during the conference.
The project meeting is part of the set of periodic meetings that allows to monitor the progress of the project as a whole and where the various partners present their latest developments as well as the planning for the next tasks.
R&D NESTER's team, which is led by researcher Ricardo Pastor, presented the work done by the team for one of the Work Packages in which R&D NESTER participates associated with one of the 8 demonstrators of the project - "Demo 8 - Advanced Control for flexible synchronous generation".

This demonstrator focuses on the development of a new adaptive Power System Stabilizer (PSS) model that allows damping of low frequency oscillations of the system in a more effective way through the use of new techniques for network behaviour prediction in the context of high share of renewable generation. This demo will be validated in a real cogeneration (combined heat and power - CHP) power plant in Bulgaria.

R&D NESTER presented the dynamic model of part of the Bulgarian transmission system developed in partnership with the Bulgarian TSO (ESO) which will be used as a basis for the development of the network behaviour prediction models that will be used for the tuning of the adaptive PSS.
For this purpose, R&D NESTER used its real-time power system simulation laboratory (RTPSS-Lab) where it is developing network models and prediction algorithms that will be tested almost as if they were interacting with the real network.

The meeting was attended by partners from the entire consortium.

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