R&D Nester present at IEEE PES ISGT Europe 2016


R&D Nester has been at the Innovative Smart Grids Technologies Europe 2016 conference, organized in Ljubljana by the IEEE Power and Energy Society, to present its recent innovations in the area of renewable energy management.

The conference has gathered experts in the subject of smart grids from different sectors, including universities, research centers, electricity network operators and industry. Three plenary sessions have taken place, where smart grid trends and innovations were debated by utilities, technology providers and regulators. The role of digitalization and energy storage in future power systems has been among the most popular topics under discussion.

The work developed at R&D Nester, in the scope of the project ‘Power Systems Simulation', was presented at the technical session entitled ‘Distributed Energy Resources and Network Integration'. A set of methodologies and tools, entirely designed by R&D Nester, to support the decision making process of network operators when facing the need to curtail wind power has been revealed. By providing optimal wind power curtailment solutions for day-ahead operational planning, this kind of tools allows network operators to take smarter decisions, thus operating the system in a more efficient manner.


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