R&D Nester presents "Power System Simulation" Project in Beijing


The project P4 - Power System Simulation in cooperation with CEPRI aimes to achieve the following objectives:

O1 - Provide R&D Nester with capacity calculation for simulation of events in the time domain involving, amid others, control and protection systems, with potential application to the Portuguese electrical system;

O2 - Investigate the exchange of information between transmission and distribution system operators taking into account the regulatory provisions published by the European Commission;

O3 - Develop optimization algorithms for decision support in the areas of operation and planning to be applied within the scope of the Portuguese electricity system.

In December 2016, the main results of the project were presented, reflecting the three dimensions mentioned above:

R1 - A RTPSS (Real Time Power System Simulation) laboratory has been specified and installed that enables real-time simulation which significantly extend the type of studies that have been performed so far. The models used for the simulation of several events were also extensively tested and validated;

R2 - The exchange of information between TSO and DSO was analyzed and evaluated taking into account technical regulations published by the European Commission. This project was carried out in close collaboration with REN (Portuguese TSO) and EDPD (Portuguese DSO) and was implemented in a pilot area of the network involving two EHV/HV substations of REN (Lavos and Pombal);

R3 - With regard to operation, an algorithm was developed that based on information received in the day ahead provides a set of actions to be followed by the operator in order to minimize the curtailment of wind production. The other set of algorithms developed in R&D Nester addresses the determination of the maximum nodal injection of RES that can be safely accommodated by the TSO. Both algorithms were tested with networks with similar size of the Portuguese network, revealing great potential of application.

In addition to the work developed scientific articles were published in the following international fora:


  •  "TSOs and DSOs Collaboration: The Need for Data Exchange", 10th Jubilee International Conference on Deregulated Electricity Market Issues in South Eastern Europe (DEMSEE'15), Budapest, Hungary, Set/15;
  • "Improving Power System Operation in the Presence of RES", IO'15- XVII APDIO Congress, Set/15;
  •  "Wind Power Curtailment Optimization for Day-Ahead Operational Planning", IEEE PES Innovative Smart Grid Technologies Europe Conference, Ljubljana, Slovenia, Out/16.


The existing results of the project were presented to a panel of CEPRI experts who approved in full all the results obtained.

RTPSS LAB - Infrastructure currently available for real-time simulation


Snapshot of results obtained applying an optimization algorithm for Planning

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