R&D Nester presents results from BigDataOcean in a session held at DoCEIS2019 Conference


R&D Nester participated in the DoCEIS2019 scientific conference (, which took place from 8th to 10th of May, in Caparica, with the main goal of presenting preliminary results obtained in the scope of the BigDataOcean Project.

During a demonstration session, which took 90 minutes, R&D Nester had the opportunity to demonstrate the Big Data platform, developed under the scope of the BigDataOcean project and currently in a public open testing stage. This presentation had as focus the services related to the assessment of the potential of wave energy, which R&D Nester has been developing during the project with the support of ENONDAS. These services are separated into two main categories: the assessment of wave resource potential in locations or areas selected by the user and the assessment of the potential for conversion into electric power, through studies related to the suitability of wave energy converters to the selected locations or areas.

This session was organized together with UNINOVA, which is also a member of the project consortium, and had an audience of people coming from different areas in electric engineering, including representatives from renewable energy generation, programmers and ICT networks developers. The session allowed to present the platform to these potential users and also to gether their feedback, aiming at further developing the available services , thus improving the user experience in the platform usage.

BigDataOcean is a project financed by the European Commission through the Horizon 2020 Programme under development since January 2017 and with an expected ending in June 2019. 
All project information can be checked at: and the platform currently under test can be accessed at:

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