R&D Nester promotes Summer internships


R&D Nester hosts this year 4 Summer internships: 1 trainee from ISEL - Instituto Superior de Engenharia de Lisboa and 3 trainees, students of IST - Instituto Superior Técnico.

This type of initiative allows these students to know the reality of the sector dealing with real projects and customers. In addition, these students end up acquiring more in-depth knowledge of the many concepts of the electricity and energy sector in general that until then only knew in theory. This experience seeks to reconcile the theoretical and abstract knowledge these students acquired in their course, bridging the reality experienced in R&D Nester and the decisions that are associated to energy sector in general.

The context of R&D Nester is particularly suitable for this type of initiatives, as it provides them to work in Research, Development and Innovation area, often close to the student's study areas and already with a connection to applications In business life.

These internships will last between 4 and 8 weeks.

This is intended to be an enriching experience to remember and to boost the professional career of these 4 potential young researchers.

These are the Trainees for summer at R&D Nester:

• Adrião Ribeiro Júnior, postgraduate degree in engineering and renewable energy management, at ISEL - Instituto Superior de Engenharia de Lisboa
• Maria Leonor Mina, MSc in Electrical Engineering and informatics at IST - Instituto Superior Técnico
• José Correia, MSc in Mechanical engineering at IST - Instituto Superior Técnico
• Luiz Silveira, MSc in engineering and Energy management at IST - Instituto Superior Técnico

Trainees will work on themes such as solar energy forecasting, modelling and simulation of real-time power systems and Machine Learning Techniques for energy forecasting.

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