R&D Nester publishes work related to a tool that supports grid planning studies


R&D Nester published a scientific paper related to a software tool that allows to calculate the reception capacity of an electric grid. This tool developed entirely by R&D Nester team, is designed to support grid planning studies and allows to obtain optimized solutions to maximize the nodal capacity to receive new energy sources without jeopardizing the operational security of the grid. The paper was published in the first edition of the SEST Conference, which main focus was on smart grids and intelligent power systems. The conference occurred between the 10th and 12th of September in Seville, organized by the University of Seville and sponsored by Endesa and IEEE.

The conference has gathered multiple experts in intelligent power systems and smart grids, from different sectors including universities, research centres, industry and national and international authorities. Six plenary sessions have taken place, focusing in hot topics in power systems such as: smart technologies for massive integration of renewable energy, resiliency, energy storage and grid codes. Additionally, it also took place a panel session under the scope of the European project Integrid and a technical session related to two different research projects leaded by Endesa, complementing a total of 22 sessions for presenting scientific papers and results.

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