R&D Nester renewed the Certification on Research, Development and Innovation (RDI) - External Audit


In the aim of R&D NESTER Certification in Research, Development and Innovation (RDI), by the Portuguese Standard NP4457: 2007, an external audit was carried out by APCER on November 25th.
According to the final report, the auditing entity concluded that «the organization has demonstrated a Research, Development and Innovation Management System that enhances the improvement of its innovative performance, knowledge creation and the creation of economic and social value», so all the conditions were met in order to maintain this Certification.

Notice that R&D NESTER is certified by this RDI standard since 2015. This certification was renewed in 2018, initiating a new cycle of annual follow-up audits, with a view to verifying the maintenance of the conditions to grant the certification.

R&D NESTER will remain committed to keeping the RDI Management System certified, ensuring that the organization's practices remain in line with the requirements of this RDI Standard.

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