R&D Nester supports the European Commission in the development of Research, Development and Innovation plans for the Energy Transition


In May, the Research and Innovation Implementation Plan 2021-2024 was published, with the participation of R&D Nester, among several European partners. R&D Nester participates in 4 of the 5 Working Groups of ETIP-SNET.

This document follows the document ETIP-SNET Vision 2050, which defines a set of objectives to be achieved in 2050, and the document ETIP-SNET R&I Roadmap 2020-2030, which describes the path to achieve those objectives.

This Implementation Plan describes the necessary activities to follow the route identified in the Roadmap, identifying 24 topics in the 6 Research Areas previously defined, namely, "Consumer, Prosumer and Citizen Energy Community", "System Economics", "Digitalization", "Planning - Holistic Architectures and Assets", "Flexibility Enablers and System Flexibility" and "System Operation". The 24 topics detail themes within these 6 Areas.

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