R&D Nester was present at 2019 edition of Ibero-Brazilian Energy Conference – CONIBEN.


This conference focuses on the subject of "Sustainability and Energy Transition: new directions for the energy sector". Is a professional and scientific event for the Iberian and Brazilian energy markets.

The event was attended by representatives of various entities in the Portuguese electricity sector, such as António Mexia, from EDP, Carlos Gomes da Silva, from GALP, Maria Cristina Portugal, from ERSE, Nuno Ribeiro da Silva, from Endesa, as well as several representatives of Governments and companies in Spain and Brazil.

On the second day of debates and networking, focused on the current and future dynamics of the energy (sub)sector, R&D NESTER researcher, João Esteves, presented an research study regarding the use of sky cameras to improve the solar forecast performance at the local level. A case study with five solar photovoltaics sites is used with one year dataset to calculate the effect in the solar power forecast entitled "Improve the Solar Power Forecast using Cloud Index Algorithms".

Some key points were taken from this event and its presentations: the energy transition is a reality and should be accepted as an innovation for which all parties contribute: states, companies, regulators, industries and end-users. Suggestions, solutions and new trends in the energy sector were presented from fundamental vectors of the area, such as sustainability, transition to renewables and energy efficiency, in order to establish a productive dialogue and, thus, a mutual and comparative learning about the developments and innovations of the energy industry in Brazil, Portugal and Spain.

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