R&D Nester wins new H2020 Project on “Advanced Methodologies and Tools”


We are pleased to inform that, following the application that R&D Nester submitted to the European Commission with a project proposal to the Horizon2020 program, we received the information that the project was approved.

The Proposal was submitted to the EC Call ES-6 related to "Research on Advanced Tools and technological development", in particular to the topic "Advanced Methodologies and Tools taking advantage of storage and flexibility in Transmission and Distribution grid planning".

R&D Nester is part of a consortium with other 8 partners from Spain, Belgium, Greece, Denmark and France, including 2 DSOs from Belgium and Spain.

The project is entitled "INTERPRETER" and the overall objective is, according to the Proposal approved, "to develop a modular grid management solution consisting of a set of interoperable off-line and on-line software tools for an optimized design, planning, operation and maintenance of the electricity grid that will be offered to grid operators through an open source software platform.

These tools will support DSOs and TSOs to move from a traditional grid management approach to an active system management approach, addressing the whole power system (i.e. both distribution and transmission level) and considering the rapid deployment of distributed energy resources (variable renewables and storage) as well as growing environmental concerns."

R&D Nester will be responsible for one of the eight Work Packages, namely WP5 - "Software applications for an efficient grid planning", besides contributing partially to other Work Packages.

The work will start in October 2019 and extend until the end of 2022 (36 months).

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